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Tulsi, also known as the “queen of herbs,” has been used since ancient times for healing the mind, body, and spirit. 

Panch tulsi drops are a combination of five types of tulsi mixed in specific proportions. These five types of tulsi are Ram tulsi, Arjak tulsi, Krishna tulsi, Shwet tulsi, and Yan tulsi.

This blend of different types of tulsi is highly effective in improving immunity, protecting against different infections, lowering blood pressure, preventing cancerous cells from growing, minimizing stress, and healing the body against many diseases. This ayurvedic panch tulsi has a special place in Indian culture. It is considered a sacred herb, and it is worshipped by the Hindu community. 

 Powerful benefits of Panch Tulsi Drops

Although Tulsi has hundreds of benefits, we will discuss the main ones with you. 

Immune booster

Panch Tulsi drop is enriched with natural Vitamin C and zin. Vitamin C and Zinc boost our immunity naturally. Free radicals are produced in the body as a by-product during energy generation. These free radicals, if not removed from the body, can lead to serious health consequences. Vitamin C present in the Panch Tulsi drops removes these free radicals from the body and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

 Zinc plays an important role in DNA synthesis and immune function. It reduces inflammation and age-related skin diseases. 

Anti-pyretic and Analgesic

Panch tulsi drops have natural properties to fight against infections. Tulsi has been widely used for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. These properties protect you from foreign invaders. When you get a fever it is proof that your body is fighting against infection. Tulsi destroys the infection and relieves your fever. 

It reduces colds, coughs, and other respiratory tract infections. 

Natural remedies have been very effective since ancient times to relieve the common cold and flu. You can make yourself a cup of tea and add some drops of Panch Tulsi. This syrup will reduce the symptoms of the common cold in no time. It acts as an adaptogen and counteracts the effects of stress on the body.

According to the study, the tulsi extracts present in the Panch tulsi drops liquefy and decrease the production of phlegm. It suppresses the cough caused by conditions such as allergic bronchitis, eosinophilic lung diseases, and asthma. Another study showed that adding tulsi drops to steam protects children against respiratory infections. 

Reduces Stress and blood pressure

Tulsi drop

Panch Tulsi drops contain compounds such as ocimumosides A and B. These compounds play an important role in regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Regulation of these neurotransmitters reduces stress and relieves tension. 

Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of tulsi can reduce blood pressure and protect you from cardiovascular diseases. 

Anti-cancer properties. 

Anti-oxidant properties of Panch tulsi drops remove the toxin and free radicals from the blood and can prevent the cancerous cell from growing. 

Cure Skin and hair conditions The anti-fungal properties of tulsi make it a useful product that treats dandruff and fungal skin infections. Topical application of tulsi on the skin can prevent damage done by external oxidants and stop premature ageing.


Tulsi should be applied by dropping one or two drops in warm water and drinking.

It has also been discovered that it is more effective when you drop it directly on your tongue or beneath the tongue, two or three drops, depending on the issue at hand—then use warm water to gag and drink. You can also use tulsi for all your teeth problems by dropping it directly on the affected teeth, leaving it for a minute, then gargling with warm water and pouring it away. 

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