Are you concerned about the failing health of your loved ones and other people around you? Do you have people who need proper health attention? And do you want to help people with their health conditions?

The answer to all these questions is one and only: – Natures Extracts Products.

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Nature’s Extracts is the universe’s only AYURVEDIC-producing company of Indian extracts; our products are unique, superior in quality, and curative, and they have been recognized internationally as the best health products. These products are the best globally, with numerous testimonies of their efficacy.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest natural systems of medicine in the world. It is a holistic (whole-body) healing system developed in India.

Helps detoxify the liver and blood, lymph to reduce itching and inflammatory skin conditions and balance pigmentation.

RAKTASAF Blood purifier

This product is a combination of powerful blood-purifying herbs that encourage radiant, healthy skin by eliminating natural toxins from the blood, lymph, and liver. Regular blood purification is crucial to keeping good skin. Inadequately digested food, cellular waste, and other pollutants frequently build up in the blood. The gastrointestinal tract, urine, and sweat are three ways the body naturally tries to get rid of these toxins.


The ingredients included in blood and lymphatic cleansing herbs are:

  1. Dandelion
  2. Buckthorn Bark
  3. Burdock Root
  4. Red Clover
  5. Yellow dock Root
  6. Barberry Root
  7. Licorice Root

Indian Ayurvedic Product

Working of RAKTASAF Capsule

Rakatasaf (blood purifier) works as a blood detox to cleanse your blood and lymph. This is very important for a lot of diseases and health conditions. It works by eliminating harmful toxins or pathogens from blood circulation. This Ayurvedic product is very helpful in managing fluid, acid-base balance, and electrolytes, and for the extraction of metabolic wastes from the body.

Blood purification is generally an important part of many health problems making this detoxification product useful in most cases. It is a combination of various herbs that help clean the blood through the lymph. The toxins are usually stored in the blood from stress, food, and pollution. The lungs also play a vital role in this natural product’s purification process.

Health benefits of RAKTASAF

This Ayurvedic product has various health benefits that make your life easy without any health issues. Here are the following benefits of the Rakatasaf blood purifier:

  • It is responsible for the removal of all sorts of toxic materials from the body
  • It helps in treating kidney stones and recurrent stone formation
  • It facilitates the elimination of harmful substances by stimulating the kidney, liver, or lymphatic system by providing nutrients to maintain blood circulation
  • Successful in removing stones from the urinary tract
  • Deactivate the enzyme that forms kidney stones when oxalate and calcium are combined.

Rakatasaf blood purifier is the most popular natural product introduced by NATURES EXTRACTS INTERNATIONAL. It proves very beneficial in the removal of toxins and harmful pathogens from the body.

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