How can Quora be a source of the traffic to your blog or YouTube channels?

How can Quora be a source of website traffic that sends daily visitors to your blog or YouTube channels? Following my previous article, by popular demand, I am giving you this hidden secret on How Quora as a platform can be used to drive traffic to your website, your blog, or YouTube. When you want those unique visitors that will guarantee sales or Google analytics unique visitors for your affiliate marketing, look no further. 

Quora is a question and answer platform where discussions are treated to attain knowledge and build your niche or market. The daily activity is about responding to popular questions on Quora and getting people linked back to your site or page for onward marketing. It is also a good source of backlink services or link building services for your blog.

We will be diving into six subject arrears in this tutorial.

1. Introduction to Quora

2. Registration of your account

3. The Do’s and Don’ts or Terms and Conditions of Quora

4. How to fill your bio and make it look outstanding

5. How best to use Quora to drive traffic

6. How to get the best questions that will

Let us start;


I will skip this part of this intro {you can Google to find out more} but the significant area I would want you to take note is the number of people that visits the site every month, which has 40% from the USA, this is important and worth everything and that is why you need Quora.


You can sign in with your Google account, upload your profile picture and input a username. Fill your profile credentials, make it short yet informative, adding your years of experience for an added advantage in your niche dominance.


On the description area, you need to capture three important things to stand out.

1. Try to tell the story behind what you became or why you chose that profession or particular niche. These must not be more than 2 or 3 lines.

2. What you have gained or the tons of experience you have gathered that stands you out in your niche.

3. What you do to help humanity, and in this subject, don’t forget to highlight it being part of why you’re on Quora, this could be called your objectives.

You can include your channels; YouTube or Blog. Let it be clickable so they can connect to you with a single click.

Add your employment credentials, your education credentials. Location credentials; the place you would have loved to travel while on vacation can also be placed there.

Create a space: any username can fly. Then line: add here what you want to do on Quora, it could be Weight Loss, Digital Marketing, {your niche} you can add more topics to your page.


You are not supposed to post your affiliate links directly as you respond or answer questions on Quora, you will be banned, the topics you have treated previously would be deleted. You can use Google sites {free website landing pages} if you don’t have a website. Here you will embed your affiliate links to the Google site and now bring over the URL of the Google site to Quora, this practice is the best you can get.

When you are new to Quora, you are not supposed to start adding links to your responses immediately, the better practice is going one step at a time; after answering five questions, you can place one link otherwise you are going to be deleted. After a while, you can increase to 2 links in between 5 questions answered. And grow like that till you can add a link to every question you answer.


The only way of driving traffic to your links or tube is by responding to questions asked. I use this to get traffic to my website, but the difficult task is getting valuable and profitable topics. Do not overlook this vital part of this tutorial. 

If you search through questions answered on Quora, you will find out that some questions have more views than many others. Concentrations are on valuable questions which in turn leads to tons of traffic.

You need to search or identify such questions and join the conversation. Here we go; for instance, type into the search bar, what is digital marketing? The search will take you to a series of questions raised and dealt with, check through the views and see if it’s worth joining the conversation. You can search for questions relating to your preferred niche or the product you want to market, which will enable you to give value in your response and leads readers to click your link in the search for more knowledge on what you’ve posted.

Another better means of getting profitable questions is by checking through Go to, check the volume of what people are searching for, by typing into the search bar; ‘digital marketing quora’, a lot of questions would be revealed that is the most searched for in that topic on Quora. Copy the questions {one after the other} then go back to Quora and search for it.

The secret is this; when you respond or answers a question, Quora sends your answer to all members following the trend through email which automatically means you already have that much customer who will check your link or come to your blog/youtube.

The above secret will only fetch you the right traffic when your answer is related to high ranking questions that are profitable. So, it is always better if you search for high ranking questions through the above means. Hey! Make sure your answers have more characters {long}, don’t just post five words or thereabout and attach your link thinking you’ll get followed, NO, give some remarkable answers that are researched to provide value, solve issues or challenges to the question raised.

What if you don’t have the right answers to the question? Then you should do research and come out with a relevant position; it is as simple as that. I will offer you another big secret that will lead to your answer getting read and followed; by adding images. First add the images that represent your response before you write about it, make sure your answer is up to 1000 or 1500 words, like I said earlier, yeah, long articles do attract more views.

Please for clarifications and more explanations on any area or even other related topics, HIT THE COMMENT button and get answers to such questions. I would love to hear from you if this article has solved your challenges or not. You can follow me on Quora.

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