Tahitian Noni Juice, Nature’s Gift to people of all ages.

Apollo Noni is the fastest-growing healthcare brand in the world, focusing on alternative medicine, natural living, herbal noni syrup, noni juice, and noni products to help you live a healthy and happy life.

Apollo Noni Juice is an excellent product for both healthy and unwell people, for those who are active and those who are not, for those who are young and for those who are elderly. There are no age restrictions since a healthy person should always be healthy.

Nature Extracts’ Apollo Syrup has been at the forefront of introducing high-quality healthy living products based on Indian ayurvedic health products of international standard.

Noni Juice is a fruit juice, not a medication.

The Apollo Syrup is obtained from the fruit called Noni (Superfood) of the Morinda Citrifolia tree. Noni is the Divine Gift of God from the Tahitian culture of Tahiti and Hawaii Island, USA. Tahiti, Asia, Australia, South America, the Caribbean, Fiji, and Indonesia are all home to this species.

It is nutrient-dense and contains over 160 nutrients. Noni syrup has been examined in 45 universities throughout the world. Noni juice and other noni products are suggested by doctors worldwide. Millions of individuals have benefited from it, and it has changed their lives. In vitro, the compounds in Apollo Syrup destroy 92% of BREAST CANCER cells. Damnacanthal, a compound contained in Apollo Syrup’s fruit and roots, has been proven to kill 92 per cent of human breast cancer cells. Apollo Syrup has an ORAC value of 450,000.

Noni juice advantages include not just treatment of a variety of health problems, but it also works well for skin care.

Our products are in high demand not just in India, but all across the world. Nature’s Extracted International’s philosophy has always been to give the highest quality Apollo Syrup products to everyone.

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